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We believe that the largest risk involved with scaling value delivery in a digital business is leadership forgetting that it is a 'Human System' that delivers the value. This 'Human System' needs an ecosystem that can enable its subsystems to operate optimally together to deliver that value. ---> FACTUAL Consulting provides a community-based reference framework that is the basis of our assessment, tooling, leadership training and coaching. This portfolio of services is designed to enable the cultivation and maintenance of ecosystems in which knowledge workers innovate, design, build, and deliver the value that enterprises provide in this age of digital business to their customers, employees, and stakeholders.

  • Community-Based Framework

    The FACTUAL framework will be maintained, applied, and evolved by a community of practitioners

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The Thought Leaders Evolving the FACTUAL Framework and its supporting practices
Mike DePaoli
Mike DePaoli
CEO – Founder and Creator of FACTUAL Framework
Mike is an experienced and highly regarded Software Product Development Executive, Lean-Agile Coach, and the creator of the FACTUAL Framework. During the past two decades, his experience in applying the Lean-Agile mindset to technology, product, and operations has been gained serving in roles ranging from Programmer to CTO. Mike’s breadth of experience in scaling Lean-Agile execution in enterprises led him to develop The FACTUAL Framework to address the key leadership challenge at scale, providing a fertile knowledge-worker ecosystem in which the Lean-Agile mindset can flourish.